Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Dharma Initiative

So what do I do all day? Not quite GTL although I do workout. Skip the tanning (no aging!) and depending on the day, definitely laundry. Be social. Think about what's next. What is my dharma/path?

For the first time in a long time, my synapses are firing. I'm feeling inspired, hopeful. I'm ready for a challenge. Riding this entrepreneurial spirit, here's my list:

--Blogger: check!
--Paparazzo: Seeing celebs in LA is like seeing kids in the suburbs. I'll start carrying my camera...
--eBay: sell my stuff, sell my super busy friends' stuff (for a cut of course), go to tag & estate sales to find stuff to sell...
--Dogs: I love 'em and they need to be walked.
--Resumes: keep sending them out into the deep abyss of HR departments.

Well, that's the list so far. I'm going to a psychic soon so we'll see if she sheds any light. 'Cause much like a character on Lost, I'm confused. Suggestions welcome!

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