Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Endorphins: Chicken Soup for the Psyche

The key to keeping your spirits up during funemployment is exercise. There are healthy reasons (of course) but it is also a lot cheaper than booze and seeing a shrink for anti-depressant scripts. Plus, there is a byproduct of looking good. It's called feeling good.

I had put on weight while working at my insane former job. So this is my shot to get in shape. I didn't expect exercise to be such an important part of keeping (getting?) sane. Any latent anger or frustration is released by running, spinning, hiking, boxing. You get the idea.

Not only am I super smiley, but my skin has a radiance that it hasn't had in a while and my clothes fit better than ever. I think I'm addicted to endorphins. Who knew? Exercise exorcises the demons. And the fat!

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