Sunday, March 28, 2010

eGad eBay!

eBay is seriously one of my saving graces. People will buy anything. Literally.

I was tentative at best about selling on eBay. I had sold a handbag about 5 years ago and it was a nightmare. People constantly sending questions. Wanting to see more pictures. Art directing what pictures I'd send. Then the winning bidder turned out to live in Thailand even though her profile said Virginia (she had an AOL account whose servers are/were in VA).

This time around, selling was a dream. Buyers now don't really want to communicate with sellers. I got a few questions, but for the most part the sales went off without a hitch. I became one with the Post Office. No one complained. And I made $1200 in one month.

I suddenly started seeing everything in my apartment as having a price tag. I have a LOT of excess stuff. And now, I have excess cash in my account to keep surviving.

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