Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TMZ, Not Quite Me

One night, I attempted to become a paparazzo. And, no, I wasn't intoxicated.

I was meeting a friend in downtown LA so I ripped myself away from watching season 2 of Mad Men on DVD and jumped into my car. I looked for parking. Circled. Circled. Circled some more. I finally found a lot and seriously had to email myself where I parked and mapquest how to get to the bar because I was so turned around. Before I even had a drink.

As I walked up to the bar, I saw none other than Betty Draper. Talking to the bouncer. I thought for sure that I had made myself so dizzy that I was hallucinating Mad Men characters. When I saw that she was wearing jeans, I realized it was January Jones!

It wasn't long before my shaken and stirred brain came up with a plan: take a picture and sell it to US Weekly. iPhone doesn't have a flash so I won't get caught. I just needed to get close enough. Click, click, click.

I slid away to check the pix. Goddamn it! While not having a flash is a plus for furtive missions, it is a negative for photo clarity and precision. The pictures looked grainy, blurry and faraway.

While this mission was more like Kevin Federline's PopoZ√£o, I will live to paparazzo again...this time with a real camera!

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