Sunday, February 21, 2010

Le projet de chapeau

Sounds kinda fancy, huh? It's my hat project. This is when I tell men wearing interesting hats that I'm doing an art project and need to borrow their hats, wear them and take a picture.

It started innocently one night at a bar. A cute guy was sitting by himself with his motorcycle helmut on the bar. I thought a good conversation starter was to ask him if I could try it on. My friend took a picture. Voila! The hat project was born.

Next up was guy wearing a black fedora. Score #2.

I can never resist a trashy trucker hat. #3.

Had to have a beret in the mix. #4.

There are a lot of fedoras in Los Angeles. So the project took a little hiatus. Until I met the Canadian creator of the Pook hat. It's basically a wool hat with socks sewn on. You can style it anyway you please. It was in the Grammy swag bag. And I actually got to keep one. #5.

Now I'm lying in wait for the next hat (or good looking guy wearing one) for the next installment. And trying to figure out how to upload pix to blogspot. It's art!

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