Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Scarlett Syndrome

Ok, so you know how Scarlett O'Hara kept her head in the sand in Gone With The Wind? Well, apparently so do I.

Scarlett is stubborn, determined, strong and obsessed with Ashley Wilkes. Everyone watching the movie knows what she doesn't: that her soulmate is Rhett Butler. Biznatch won't let it go until the last 15 minutes of the movie when she finally catches up to everyone else.

I went to the psychic and she told me "You're a writer." My first reaction was "No, I write well but I'm not a writer."

Then it kinda hit me...this is far from the first time that someone has told me I'm a writer. When childhood friends would hear that I worked in an ad agency, they ask, "How is copywriting?" And so on, etc. Hell, I'm a blogger.

So, maybe I've kept my head in the sand all along. Is writing my Rhett Butler? Excuse me while I wipe the sand from my eyes.

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  1. Good insight that everyone knows what S doesn't!Check out RHETT BUTLER's side of the story at