Monday, December 27, 2010

12 Months of FUN

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Now that Christmas is over, it's time to face 2011. What better way than by taking stock of the past year.

In the past year, I've tried to put the fun in unemployment, as much as my finances would allow:

1. Learned to surf
2. Drank absinthe
3. Went to a red carpet movie premiere
4. Saw advanced screenings of various movie and TV pilots and TV show tapings (Conan's last week on The Tonight Show!)
5. Visited Santa Barbara for the first time, revisited NYC and Palm Springs twice
6. Learned how to blog, write a non-fiction book proposal and am figuring out how to write a book
7. Went on countless disastrous, yet entertaining, dates ("Mr. What Are Your Views on Anal Sex"anyone?)
8. Learned to cook healthy meals that aren't carb-driven
9. Become a yogi (sorta)
10. Was an extra in a movie
11. Irritated the actor that plays Stefan on The Vampire Diaries twice in one week (and various other celeb encounters)
12. Tried dog walking. Quit dog walking
13. Discovered that I deeply despise spinning. May have something to do with not knowing how to ride a bike
14. Explored parts of LA that I never knew about
15. Expressed my creativity by volunteering with the Art of Elysium
16. Lost weight and greatly improved my posture
17. Made 100 new Facebook friends
18. Took an aerial fitness/circus arts class (and failed!)
19. Ran Runyon Canyon
20. Had a kneepocalyse (see #19)
21. Tried hypnotherapy
22. Quit smoking for good
23. Made $4,000 selling my stuff on eBay
24. Joined a pyrtamid scheme. Trying to extract myself from said scheme.
25. Thought about trying standup...

The overachiever in me would like to say that I tried standup or that I toured Europe or visited New Orleans or sky dived. But I think I've accomplished quite a bit in a year. And the fun isn't always in the activity; it's who you're with. And in being healthy. It may not seem like so much fun, but you're more likely to feel like having fun if you feel good.

So here's to feeling good to you, your family and loved ones as we approach 2011!

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