Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just Do It

Happy 2011! I've been reflecting on my goals for the new year and my number 1 is to get a job. But I've added to my FUNemployment list. Sky diving, world travel, hot air ballooning, finishing my first book and brunch at the Polo Lounge are all new items.

My new mantras will be to Just Do It and to Trust My Gut. Until this year, I've thought too much, overprocessed, analyzed and weighed options way too much. My rationalizations often override my gut and it never really goes well. So, my hopes are to simply just go with my instincts, which brings me to a new addition to the list: Learn to Ride A Bike.

Not fabulous. Actually kind of weird, right? As a kid, I tried to learn how to ride a bike but was never able to master it (without training wheels). It wasn't the bike, my ability or lack of my parents helping me. It was my fear.

As a kid, I was very careful and afraid to fall, skin my knee or get my dress dirty. I was protected but I also never rode a bike.

Granted, not trying means you won't get hurt, you won't fail and you won't get dirty. But you'll also never succeed, feel joy or soar. You'll just stay where you are, petrified of change, slowly sinking into quick sand.

I used to live in stasis before I lost my job. I hated my life but was too afraid (and exhausted) to make any changes. This whole journey has really been about overcoming a lot of my fears. I need to stop being my own obstacle and worst enemy. I've succeeded in many areas, most in my comfort zone (thinking and cognitive related activities). But now it's time to take it back to basics. Old skool. Smash that fear from where it began.

I declare 2011 the year of the bike. Who's with me?

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