Friday, December 10, 2010

Hanoi Jane is Skinny Jane

Yesterday, I attended the launch party for Jane Fonda's WORKOUT. It's a reboot of her fitness empire with 4 new instructors who each specialize in yoga, boot camp and strengthening (or something). And let me tell you, Jane looks good. Really good.

I found out about this party because I follow the yoga instructor, Tara Stiles, on Twitter. Despite being NYC-based, she travels periodically to LA and teaches free yoga classes at the Hollywood Standard. And boy do I love a free class.

I had thought there would be a yoga class offered so my friend and I arrived in workout clothes with our mats. Instead it was a launch party filled with press. The upside is that there was free massage, gift bags, food and the opportunity to get up close and personal with Jane Fonda.

She arrived about an hour into the event and whisked her way to the front to give a speech. I was very close to the podium so I was stunned when my eyes landed on Jane. She is skinny, svelte and looks amazing. Her body is banging. She is twice my age and half my weight. (Kidding. Well not really).

Instead of feeling bummed, I decided that it is inspirational. If she can look as good as she does at her age then I can certainly keep up the improvements that I've made and keep going. Because I really want people to say "Damn girl! Oh, excuse me....umm, Ma'am" when I'm her age.

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