Monday, December 6, 2010

Please President Prioritize

What's wrong with the heading of this post? It's out of order. Which is precisely my point: President, Please Prioritize.

Obama has a lot going on. I don't envy him. But, I think that the most important issue that this country is facing today is unemployment. Millions of Americans are unemployed and many are facing losing their unemployment benefits. I know that Congress and the President are discussing this issue and will hopefully find some relief for our fellow Americans. I'm lucky that I'm not in this pool of people but I can empathize with their plight. It could easily be me.

I think the larger issue at hand is getting jobs created. As I'm hitting the job trail hard, it seems as though there are more jobs being posted and more companies actually calling candidates. I'm not sure if it will result in hiring (for me or anyone) but I'm hopeful. However, I have heard from several recruiters that there are so many candidates it's like nothing they've ever experienced. Too many candidates, too few jobs.

Just to be clear: I'm all for universal health care, repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and diplomacy with North Korea. But finding a solution for the economy needs to be first and foremost. It's not a fast or easy fix. It needs focus and attention. NOW. Everything else can follow. So, Obama, call me. I'm really great at creating status sheets.

(Ouch. That's from me nailing my shin on the way down from the soapbox. I'll stick to fun in the future.)

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