Monday, December 13, 2010


Counting today, I will have gone to 3 press events in the past 5 days: Jane Fonda's Workout DVD series launch (which I've already blogged about), a special advanced screening of Country Strong and tonight the red carpet premiere of How Do You Know (movie with Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson).

Not sure how I got on this circuit, but it's free. And sometimes you get gifts. I kinda like this life. Maybe this is the universe's way of telling me that I need to become a reporter. Or I'm just lucky and super deserving of free stuff!

The Workout launch had free food and drinks, samples of antioxidant drinks (they both made my stomach extremely unhappy. Perhaps I'm anti-anti-oxidant?). There was an awesome massage lady who stressed the importance of improving my posture (my right shoulder and hip are 4 degrees higher than the left. Ugh.) And of course the gift bag.

I got in to see Country Strong courtesy of Twitter. Since I love me some GP (I read GOOP after all) I couldn't resist. The movie was surprisingly a huge downer. And, the main character isn't GP but a guy named Beau. He's cute and a good actor but in the end it wasn't what I was expecting. Also, the young ingenue, Blair from GG, was the the object of desire for all the men in the movie. As a lady much closer to GP's age, it pained me to see the aging beauty being shunned. As I'm dating, I'm finding men really like the shiny new 20 somethings instead of the wise, worldly 30 somethings like me. But GP's character is also a self-destructive alcoholic. That may have had a lot to do with it.

As an aside and an inside scoop, a reporter sitting next to me was talking shop with another reporter and they were raving about Emma Stone. How she is truly a pleasure to interview and that celebs were clamoring to give quotes that sang her praises which is apparently a rarity. So, she's likely to have a big career.

Ok, back to the topic at hand. Event #3. I really have no desire to see How Do You Know. But, again, it's free. And it's a red carpet premiere. So, I'm going. If anything good happens, I'll be sure to let you know.

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