Thursday, December 16, 2010

False Starts

The momentum has stalled. I was seeing a lot of jobs being posted and was applying like a maniac. I was getting calls for phone interviews. Despite companies saying that they wanted to hire before the holidays, everything has stalled.

But I'm not stalling. I'm recuperating in Palm Springs.

A Facebook friend posted that she had a free hotel room in Palm Springs this week and for anyone to let her know if they want it. Well, I was nervous about saying yes because of the job search but I figured that I can always cut the trip short. So, I'm chilling in cold, barren and absolutely perfect PS.

I'm sleeping as late as I want. I'm not beholden to my DVR. I have no plans. I don't have friends to meet or FUNemployed activities. And it's wonderful.

I've started to write the FUNemployed book. Forget about publishers or agents. I will try to e-publish it. I'm shifting this ride into drive.

More positives: I've been called "young lady" more times than I can count and one older gentleman gave me a discounted coupon for dinner by saying, "You look like you should eat a good meal." So, basically, I'm young and thin here. I love snow birds!

I had sincerely hoped to have a job before the holidays so that I could rest a little bit easier. But it wasn't meant to be. I just keep telling myself that there is something around the corner. And while the job market celebrates the holidays, I'm going to get ready for the new year by rejuvenating, revitalizing and resting. In between book writing that is.

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