Monday, August 9, 2010

Watch it!

Watch it! I said that twice last week in completely different contexts. One experience good, the other bad. First, the good.

Watch it #1: Big Brother 12 Live Show Taping

I love going to TV show tapings. It's amazing to see the magic of TV...all of the shots being set up, the PAs running around, the hosts manically preparing and rehearsing their lines. This time it was the live show of Big Brother. My friend and I didn't see any of the house guests but it was awesome to be so close to Julie Chen and all of the action. The best part was that we were seated in the front row and I got some excellent screen time. I was happy that I made a last minute Facebook post so a few people got to see me. ("Watch it!") You never now if you're going to make it in, much less where you're going to sit (no phones are allowed). It was exciting to see myself in so many background shots. Thank God my hair looked good. It was fun and strange at the same time knowing that friends, family and strangers could see me.

Watch it #2: The Stalker
I went on a blind date, which it started out decently. He told me he was a perfect gentleman and gave me a lot of compliments. Then, 5 minutes into the date: Bam! Sex. (as in, "What are some of your favorite things to do? "Sex.") I lost count over the course of the date how many times he worked sex into the conversation. And, honestly, it was a major turn off. I'd generally change the subject and ignore his comments. The point, for me at least, was to get to know him. Until, out of the blue, he asked me about my "flow," as in menstrual cycle (NO I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP. I'M USING KANYE STYLE CAPS BECAUSE IT'S THAT APPALLING). 

I cut the date short and when he got handsy as we were leaving the restaurant, I told him to "Watch it!" He was about to lose a hand. 

So, who calls me and emails me several times the next day? And the day after that? And the next day? Etc? And asks me to go out with him AND PAY FOR THE NEXT DATE? I ignored him but he didn't stop. I finally emailed him and told him that I absolutely didn't want to see him again and to leave me alone. Or else. And then I wished him luck. I didn't mean the last part but I thought it may keep him from hacking me to pieces. So far, success!

So.......where's Scott Speedman when I need him? Especially now that I'm a fellow TV star? :)

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