Monday, August 16, 2010

Rut Busting 101

Some days I feel super positive and that there are a dozen opportunities awaiting me. Other days, I feel like a lump of dirt in the middle of the road getting run over by lowriders driven by kids dressed like the Jersey Shore cast.

For the latter, my solution is Rut Busting 101: Force myself to do something I've never done before. Considering that I'm a creature of habit, this takes some ingenuity, causes anxiety and features a coupla doubts.

When I was almost literally run over by a clown car of guidos, I did not get mad. Instead, I viewed it as the bat signal for some serious rut busting. Time to step up my game.

In the spirit of Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love, I figured food would be the easiest/cheapest/least time consuming way to bust out. Granted, I am on the "Kerry Quinn Journey to Weight Loss Victory" eating plan and barred from exercise due to my knee, except the stationary bike which does not count, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Food it is!

1. Eat brisket
There is a "NY-style deli" in Hollywood that is pretty good. I typically go "white girl from CT" and have a turkey sandwich. This deli is known for it's #1, which is brisket, horseradish, mozzarella and arugula. I felt like Columbus ordering the #1; Frank Bruni eating it. My review: "Meh." Back to the drawing board.

2. Spanish Latte
I had heard about the elusive Spanish Latte at The Urth Caffe. I always think of Columbians when I think of coffee, so my expectations were low for the Spanish/Castillians/Catalon version. Well, let me tell you, Juan Valdez should be erased from memories, record books, etc and replaced with the guy/lady who created this drink (Rafael Nadal? Penelope Cruz? Javier Bardem!). I'd give up booze for the rest of my life if I could have one of these delivered to my door everyday. I'm Irish in case you don't realize the gravity of that statement. But this lady cannot subsist on lattes alone.

3. Mongolian BBQ/Intelligensia
I have not had Mongolian since 2000 in NYC at The World Cafe located on E. 52nd Street (between 3rd & Lex). Every day I'd have the same meal and every day I'd be happy (chicken, noodles, brocoli, green onions, green beans, soy sauce, lil bit of oyster sauce and hot chili sauce). And then, for some reason, they stopped offering Mongolian BBQ. That is the day that The World Cafe died (for me.)

Anyhoo, I'd gotten some email deals for this restaurant. It's in Silverlake, which is not far but, in the past,  felt like a trek to Mongolia itself. A few friends joined me and we journeyed to the delectable plains of Mongolia. I got my usual from NYC and it was delicious. I felt transported to the hallowed culinary halls of deliciousness, yet hadn't even left LA.

Now time to jump on the stationary bike to work off my food. This is rut busting, not gut busting. Can't make myself a bigger lump and an easier target for those lowriders.

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