Monday, August 30, 2010

Miss Make a Deal

Yesterday, I went on Let's Make a Deal. I wasn't a fan of the show nor was I terribly familiar with it. I  did it to make money. I mean deals!

The ticket said to dress in costume, so I got out an old bridesmaid's dress, made a crown out of tin foil and a sash from a pillowcase. I was Miss Congeniality. Maybe if I had been Miss Make a Deal it would've gotten me picked.

Sadly, I didn't wow the producers so I wasn't one of the 6 people selected to play. But, I was seated in the second row and apparently got some good camera time. I take it as a good sign that they keep seating me in the front. After all, I was Miss Congeniality!

I'll have to wait until episode 2044 airs to see how silly I look. One girl won a car, a guy dressed as a flower won $4,121 and a couple won a big deal of the day which was a tour of Italy and a car. The lady next to me got a Zonk so maybe our zone had bad energy.

Next time, I'll be a little smarter and go as Miss Make a Deal!

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