Thursday, August 5, 2010

Redefining boredom

"Aren't you bored with nothing to do? No purpose?"

Only if boredom's definition has been replaced by the one for inspiration.

I look at each day as a challenge. What will I do today? What will I accomplish?

Last week, I made an artichoke for the first time.

Today, I made a turkey burger (also for the first time), put it in a whole wheat pita with spinach and onions.

Three days ago, I was on a conference call about a new entrepreneurial business opportunity.

This morning, I was having an email exchange with a top 20 literary agent who likes my book proposal.

Tomorrow, I'm going to post old clothes, a printer that I don't use anymore and some scarves on eBay.

By next week, I should be done watching DVDs of every season of MI-5. I won't have any way to fulfill my obsession with Adam Carter so this one is actually a negative. (Can't win 'em all.)

When I was working, I was ridiculously busy but always bored because I wasn't challenged. Now, I am inspired to figure out my next step. And hustling is anything but boring.

So, if learning to cook healthfully, explore ways to make money, selling my book idea, catching up on excellent entertainment and dating up a storm equal boredom, then so be it. Take heed Webster dictionary editors.

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