Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ranting and Raving

Ok, so I've been preaching positivity. Most days it works. Before freaking out or racing into negativity, I force myself to find some good in a situation.

Today I'm failing.

In sum, I hate Citibank. Really hate them. I have an account that is really insignificant but my payment is late. I called them to tell them that payment would come tomorrow but they were very unsympathetic. I explained my employment situation and explained that I'd never been late. The first customer service rep rudely asked, "So why is it late now? What's changed? Huh?" I asked to speak with someone else.

Customer Service Rep #2 was just as combative and then asked me if I've been looking for work. Then asked if I was only looking for work that would pay me more than unemployment. Well, duh?! Why would I take a job that paid me less? Wouldn't that be a stupid financial decision especially since I'm having trouble paying my bills as it is? I told him that he should stick to advising on situations related to Citi accounts and avoid career or financial counseling. I look forward to the day when I'm financially stable and I can pay off some Citi accounts and then tell them to go f*ck themselves. In fact, I think I'll call multiple times.

On top of it all, I have shooting pains from my shoulder through my elbow to my wrist. Stupid yoga move on a very cold night caused this injury a week ago and it has made me cranky. I'm walking around like Napoleon to avoid moving it too much. And I haven't been able to do much exercising. Exacerbate crankiness.

At speed dating, the majority of the men were intimidated by me. They'd speak to the woman next to me with swagger and control and would cower in front of me. I followed the Patti Stanger rule of dressing up for the mixer but Jesus, this is LA. My skirt was long in comparison to most and I'm very far from being the best looking girl around. I was the most confident though. In a town full of insecurity, that could be it. If they don't have the balls to look me in the eye, then they don't have the balls to ask me out. Much less handle this. Ugh.

Rant over.

As for the raves? I had two growths removed and biopsied and they are benign (it was touch and go for awhile). So I have my health.

I did the best that I could in an interview yesterday, hopefully it materializes in a job.

My eBay sales appear to be going well.

I won a free admission to a networking cocktail party.

I've fine-tuned the first chapter of the book and have nailed the structure for all subsequent chapters. I can see the finish line.

An adorable baby with a faux-hawk just gave me the biggest smile at the coffee shop.

My hair looks pretty today.

Enough with the proverbial stretching. It hurts my shoulder.

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