Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Weekend of Firsts

As I sum up the first full weekend of 2011, I'm proud to say I only went to places that were completely new to me (with the exception of the Coffee Bean).

First up, I went to LACMA on Friday evening (it's free for LA County residents after 5pm on M, T, Th & F). I saw the European dress exhibition which was fascinating for someone who loves clothes as much as I do. Then I hit up an art gallery opening sponsored by Funny or Die and showcasing artwork by 100 artists depicting comedians. Located in Hollywood, there were quite a few sitcom stars there...but more importantly, cool art and free drinks.

Afterwards, we went to The Varnish, a hidden speakeasy in Downtown LA. I had the London Fog, a drink made of gin, absinthe and some other ingredients. I can never turn down absinthe. It's a fun little spot...once you find it.

On Saturday, I had my first class at Liberation Yoga for Vinyasa Flow (first class is free!). As I was waiting for the start of class and day dreaming by looking out the window, I saw John Mayer. With a red bandana tied around his head like Axel Rose or Bret Michaels and huge Ray Bans, he looked dirty and sleazy. We made eye contact. I rolled my eyes at him. I did it on behalf of women everywhere.

After returning home, I got ready for a night out at Venice Beach Wines. A really cute little spot, the crowd is great and the choice of food and drink is amazing. We spoke with some gentlemen for some time. The one who liked me most had quite a bit of negative energy. He criticized everything and when I explained my book idea upon his request, he completely slammed it. I remained calm but certainly didn't take any of his words to heart. And I definitely didn't give him my number.

Lastly, I watched the Eagles/Packers game at Goal, a sports bar in W. H'wood. I'd never been. Not sure I can say that I'd go again, but it was good to be surrounded by diehard fans. I'm a Giants fan, so I couldn't root for the Eagles and the Packers are the ones who knocked the Giants out of the wildcard "I didn't have a dog in this fight." Or at least that's what I said when I was asked. Then I remembered that Vick (Eagles' QB) went to prison for dog fighting. A most definite unfortunate choice of phrasing.

Overall, a great, action-packed weekend. I didn't get any writing done but like anyone with a full-time job (mine's book writing for now), I decided to have a fun weekend. Besides, I'm always mining for content. Looking forward to hitting the book full speed tomorrow. Only 35,000 words to go!

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