Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Contrary in January

Anything goes when it comes to prose, book writin' ain't easy.

I started writing my book according to the outline in December and in mid-January, I'm hovering at around 42,000 words. The standard length for any book is 75,000 words so I'm more than halfway through.

But I've been faltering. The structure that I created via outline isn't working. I think that subconsciously, I suspected this and this is one of the many reasons why I procrastinated in starting. You see, I hate outlines. It's one thing to plan what you're going to write, but I've ALWAYS deviated from the outline. I find any piece that I'm writing to be a living, breathing entity that change on a dime.

The point of the outline is to determine a structure. Like an architect creating a plan for a building. The problem is, I'm like an architect without training. And as I've gotten into the writing, the strengths of the content don't lend itself to sustaining the original outline.

After speaking to one of my oldest and dearest friends (that's you Amanda), we talked about it a bit and she gave me the opportunity to talk through some of the options. Yesterday, I went to the coffee shop and started restructuring. It'll be more of a narrative, focusing on my story in a chronological format instead of splitting up FUNemployment into sections like "Exercise" or "Activities." At least that's where I stand now.

You see, I'm a decent writer, but I'm a great editor. I'm stronger at shaping work than I am at writing it. So, what I really need right now I'm going to try and turn off "Writer Kerry" and turn on "Editor Kerry" in order to read my own work as if it were someone else's. Let the hacking begin.

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