Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Prophecies of Ivory

"You're a writer."
"You need to stop worrying about income. It will come from writing. Stop coming up with hair-brained schemes."
"You will get 2 offers, but go with the one from Massachusetts."
"You need to chill out."
"You will start dating someone in 4 months...but you have something unresolved with a guy that will be worked out."

These are all things said to me on Friday evening by Ivory, a tarot card reader. Ordinarily, I take these things with a grain of salt. But she was surprisingly right.

I encountered Ivory at an event for Fashion's Night Out. It wasn't happenstance...I knew about it and made sure that I got there 5 minutes early to be first in line.

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach when I saw Ivory. A small, brown skinned, long haired blonde, she was wearing a sheet black top with black bra underneath and harem pants. Fashionable, yes. But she didn't seem like the real deal. As soon as I sat down, I realized her talent.

I don't identify myself as a writer. But, this is the second seer/psychic who has said this to me right away. Many people have assumed that I'm a writer over the years. I just never really thought that I was good enough. As soon as she told me that I was a writer, she also told me that I need to stop doubting it.

Next up, was the comment about income and it coming from MA. I am awaiting word on my non-fiction book proposal and have had communications with someone in Connecticut. Pretty damn close. I don't expect seers to be awesome at geography.

Ohhhh, and to chill out. She's right. I feel like I need to keep moving to stay positive and to feel like I'm living. I guess it's in reaction to all that I missed out on while working so much. But the schedules and hair-brained schemes are over the top.

And then there's love. She said I just need to keep trying and relax. But there's also a guy from my past that keeps popping up and it needs to be resolved. Well, I thought that I was done with it so it took me a little bit to realize who she was talking about. Who knows. This is where a line formed and she got a little distracted.

I have a lot of question marks hanging over my head regarding work and love. It felt calming to be in the Ivory Tower of Good Fortune. I feel like I may know what's in front of me. Hopefully, Ivory will be proved right soon enough.

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