Thursday, September 30, 2010


Forget about wine. Skip chocolate cake. To get a buzz, just exercise.

Until last year, I'd define fitness as how well you're clothes are tailored. I'd say "Whatever" to anyone who told me that exercise had any benefits other than having a firm body.

Last year, after losing my job, I decided to actually get my body in order and was pleasantly surprised by the impact of endorphins. My body looked good, the FUNdorphins improved my mood and I was able to process my anger and frustration.

So, when I had my knee-pocalypse earlier this summer, I had to take 3 months off from exercising. It was hell. I missed sweating and, most of all, the FUNdorphins.

After 4 weeks of riding the stationary bike (lame), I'm finally back to running, hiking and power yoga. Spinning is on deck for next week.

It's great to feel strong again. But I can't hype FUNdorphins enough. They're at the heart of keeping your FUNemployed spirit (and ass!) high.

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