Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sometimes having too many tasks, too many things to tackle that are new and confusing is overwhelming. It's easy to let what's in front of you freeze you in your tracks. Lately, I feel like someone's shooting me with a freeze ray gun and I'm powerless to move.

Writing and editing a book, plus shooting the cover image, are big tasks. I should feel accomplished. Instead I feel more like I've pushed a rock to the top of the mountain just to find out I'm only halfway there.  I now need to get out there and market this book to make money for the four months of writing. It should be easy as this is my trade but I'm finding it harder to market something so personal versus a company's product.

I've also been interviewing for jobs. Lucky for me, I've been getting interviews. Unluckily, I'm not getting the jobs. It's frustrating and defeating. I research companies, study products and practice answering interview questions. One job recruiter told me I didn't get the job because I was "too polished." That was a frustrating first.

I subscribe to an online magazine called Fear.Less that I truly cherish (http://fearlessstories.com/). Today's email "Your Fears are Lies" talked about being frozen due to fear of imagined failures. It seems more comfortable for your ego to stay where you are than to take a risk. In the midst of it all, fear tells you what you're producing isn't good so you can keep your perfect self image intact. But that's not living. I overcame these fears while writing the book. Now I need to overcome the fears holding me back from marketing it (bad reviews, disappointed readers) and from pushing though on my job search (you're not the right fit, you don't have what it takes). No time to play it safe now.

Instead of being overwhelmed, I'm going to be over-well-med. I'll draw from my well water of talent to spray Mr. Freezey Gun of Fear. And I'll say, "Well-come to thaw! Hahahahahahah!" Or something like that.

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