Wednesday, May 18, 2011


After finishing the book (yeah, I'm gonna keep harping on it), I felt that I deserved a massage. Not wanting to spend $125, I did a little research. Lucky for me, I found an $80 deal: scrub, massage, soak and sauna. The only catch was that I needed to be completely naked for everyone to see. And venture to Koreatown. 

Singing Prince's "I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man," at the top of my lungs, I drove into in Koreatown. East of Hollywood, west of downtown, Koreatown feels like another world. Signs are in Korean. Karaoke bars are everywhere, but so are the spas. 

I got there 45 minutes early so I could soak and steam. My research had alerted me to the nakedness, but reading about it and living it are very different. Shortly after you arrive, you'd better get naked quickly or you will be stared down. I've been working out, eating vegan and have lost a little more than 10 lbs so I didn't need to be modest. Luckily, I left it in my car. 

With only a handful of ladies there on a Tuesday morning, I didn't feel totally embarassed. I hit the Clay room, the amber soak and the steam room before getting called in for my scrub. In an open, communal room ladies wearing black bras and panties perform scrubs and massages. My lady scrubbed what felt like sheets of dead skin off me but it didn't hurt. Then she massaged me, put on a cucumber facial mask and washed and conditioned my hair for me. Full service all for the grand total of $80.

I bared my bottom, my skin now feels as smooth as a baby's bottom, My skin feels as smooth as a baby's bottom and with a bottom dollar price of $80, this is no recession special...this is the everyday price. So, bottoms up!

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