Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Coming Soon--FUNemployed: Finding the Upside in the Downturn

I'm ecstatic to announce that the book is one step closer to market. It's been proofread, the cover is done and I'm uploading it tonight. Assuming no formatting glitches, it should be available in ebook stores next week.

While I felt like a one-man band throughout most of this process (writing, editing, photographing and soon enough marketing), I could not have done this without the support of my friends and family. I have thanked them in an Acknowledgements section but why not do it here too?

I’d like to dedicate the book to my loving parents, Lynn and Mike Quinn. For always supporting me on this crazy ride.

To Susan Gelvin and Amanda Wilson, thank you for cheering me on and always providing unending support.

To Diane Kelley, for always telling me that I could do this.

To Brett Ellen Block for getting me started on this journey and being a never-ending source of information and inspiration.

To Maryam Mohseni for her brilliant cover design.

To Steve Peckingham and Mary Lou Currier for reading the first three chapters and giving me invaluable feedback.

Lastly, to all of my FUNemployed friends and acquaintances: keep it positive and never lose faith.


  1. thanks, quinnie! i always love seeing my name in print!

  2. We'll always be there for you, especially now that you've dedicated the book to us. Mom and Dad