Monday, June 6, 2011


I've quickly learned that writing an ebook, distributing it to major e-retailers and posting it on Facebook does not guarantee immediate sales. So, I've put on my Fedora and tucked in a white index card with the word "PRESS" written in shaky black Sharpie. Looking like a pro is the first step.

Next step, Google "How to write a press release." Ok, now that's that I've read how to do it, I need to write it. But before I do, let's figure out who to send it to and get some email addresses collected. Let's email some friends to see if they have any contacts. Ok, back to the release.

In short, that was last week. Looking like a pro, begging for help, googling, drafting.

This week, it's going to happen. Get the release out, pitch some people and get the buzz going. You know, be an imPRESSario. Then next week I can move on to a new career: laser hair removal (may need training for that though), kung fu master (my neighbors yell "HA" a lot with accompanying scuffles so i'm depending on osmosis) or TV critic (I watch a lot and am never short on opinions.) I'm also open to suggestions!

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