Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cirque de No Way

I often get myself in situations that make me say, "Ruh roh." Gripping the trapeze at the Cirque School LA was one of those times.

I learned about this class from a Daily Candy announcement and when I got an offer from Living Social to take a class at 50% off, I jumped at it. I figured that this would be a new class that may make exercising more exciting. I signed up to take Aerial Fitness, which was described as core strengthening with some aerial tricks.

Last summer, I took a Reebok class call Jukamarti (or something like that) which was a cardio and conditioning class using a ring suspended from the ceiling from super elastic bands. There was some aerial aspect to it which ended up being more like jumping with the ring in your hand. I actually liked it and was sad to learn that it was a traveling exposition of sorts and was headed to NYC until its next port of call.

So, this was where my head was at when I signed up for the circus class. I stupidly assumed that this one would be similar to the Reebok class. I realized my mistake when I walked into the school and saw people hanging out doing circus tricks. I wasn't sure if they were carnies, instructors off the clock or what. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach but figured that I would give it a shot and hope for the best.

Well, to make a potentially long entry short, I sucked. I don't like hanging upside down, which I quickly learned. THIS CLASS IS ALL ABOUT BEING UPSIDE DOWN. I actually can't even remember hanging upside down on the monkey bars as a kid. I blame it on my control freakiness, neck injury and lack of padding underneath.

From now on I will only consider exercise classes that keep my head upright. And, I'm crossing carnie off my potential career list.

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