Sunday, May 9, 2010


Well, I'm back in the workforce. I think the transition has been harder than I thought. I'm re-learning how to cram everything that I need and want to do in my off time. I'm back to living for the weekend.

I think the worst part is the commute: 2+ hours per day to only go 15 miles. Gotta love LA.

But I am happy to be making money. I'm stockpiling so that I have it for a rainy day. Since I know that this gig has no hope of going long-term and I'm okay with that.

If nothing else, this freelance dance has shown me that I need to get it together and make decisions about what's next.

I know that I want quality of life. I know that I really love writing. And I know that I love animals.

So I'm going to be a writing dog walker. A dog walking writer. I'll have two jobs. Twice the fun, unlikely twice the money. But twice the satisfaction that I've had in the past!


  1. Can you at least take your birthday Monday off? In case you have an extra-fun celebration...

  2. hmmmm.....could be a possibility. especially since i plan to greet the new birth year with extra foggy vodka goggles! wish you could join me :)