Friday, October 29, 2010

A Typical Wednesday in LA

Some days I almost never leave my building (I have a pool, gym, sun deck) and some days I'm barely home. This past Wednesday was one of those days.

I went to grab a quick lunch in Silverlake, then I went to Intelligentsia to get some delicious coffee and work on some writing. While there, I saw Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (the red head from Modern Family). Then I went to West LA for a meeting and then off to Venice for a date.

I met my date at The Other Room a bar on Abbott Kinney. We were just hanging out and laughing when I realized that Stefan from The Vampire Diaries was standing next to me. Drinking cabernet. He is super skinny and pale and it was priceless to see him drinking what looked like blood.

Anyway, I told him that I loved his show and promised not to bother him. He said "Thank you," rather snidely. I was on Team Damon anyway.

As I was telling my stories, my date told me that I have to do standup. Because I'm not only just funny but ridiculously funny. He also told me that I sell myself short...that I'm a cute girl that is hilarious. Which is a bonus in his eyes. So we started plotting out my stand up routine.

It scares me to think of trying it...but I guess I'm generally scared of most new things. Especially now. FUNemployment is great fun but it's also made me more fragile than I've ever been. Vulnerability feels like I'm wearing a purple and yellow poncho. But I guess it just may be the most fashionable look that I can wear right now. Especially on a Wednesday in LA.

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