Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Extra! Extra!

One thing to cross off my list: being in a movie.

I've lived in Hollywood for 2 years. Driving past the studios was the closest I got to doing anything Hollywood-y (other than interviewing to be Cojo's assistant at Entertainment Tonight but that's a pre-Funemployment story for another day).

So I jumped at the chance to be an extra in a movie. I mean I was awesome in my 8th grade French play as Cendrillon (Cinderella). And in that I had to speak French.

Well, I clearly lost my skillz in 9th grade. Instead of acting, I was a total voyeur...watching everyone around me like I was watching a play. Except I was in it. 1 of only 2 extras. Almost a supporting role really.

Well, it's everything you've heard...you do (watch in my case) the same thing over and over. The lights are hot. It's not as action packed as you would hope. Except it is exciting. Because there is a hope that you may be in a frame of the final movie. And you watched it all happen. Like a movie!

So if you could have any random opportunity dropped in your lap, what would it be?

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