Monday, February 8, 2010

Absinthe in the afternoon

I'd never had absinthe. I'd heard about it. Been meaning to try it. But never was in the right place. One afternoon, I saw it on the menu and thought, why not? (And call off the intervention, I wasn't alone.)

If I'd been working, I never would have been at that bar. I clearly wouldn't have been drinking absinthe. And wouldn't have really had my epiphany.

While swirling from the booze, I felt happy and free. Workers, note that I'm not lazy (or a drunk). I'm actually an overachiever. But when asked about working, I'd always say that I hated it. And then it hit me: I don't hate working, I've just hated my jobs. No matter where I worked, I was always miserable. I just thought that I was overworked (completely true.) Instead of realizing that I just didn't like it. I got caught up in hearing that I was good at my job, so I'd never considered making a change. Until an afternoon in a bar.

Sooooooooooo, what do I love to do? How can I monetize it? Can I make a change? I've got nothing to lose, except misery. My mind was churning, brainstorming. This wasn't the hard part (see ephiphany--only took 13 years to realize).

If I wasn't tipsy from the absinthe, I sure was now. Drunk with possibility.


  1. you could be a professional absinthe drinker. that would work, right?

  2. Absinthe-lutely! (I know....bad but couldn't resist)