Sunday, January 31, 2010

No More Sunday Night Blues

Ohhhhh, Sunday nights. It was the most dreaded time of the week for me. Winding down from the weekend, gearing up for the work week. I'd watch whatever reruns were on at 11pm (Alias was my fav) just to postpone going to sleep. 'Cause waking up was work time...the end of my time.

Funemployment means no more Sunday Dreads. It's been 3 months since I've had them and I can say that actually, Sundays are awesome. Instead of sleeping in and wasting the day just trying to restore and chill, I make the most of the day: take buddhist meditation classes, work out, grab brunch or dinner with a friend. It's actually one of my favorite nights to go out. Bars and restaurants aren't crowded. Street parking easily found. I always meet interesting people. And I go to bed happy.

I've shed the Sunday Fundays!

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