Sunday, October 23, 2011


You may have heard your parents wax poetically about protesting and lament that our generation just doesn't get it. Maybe we had nothing to be angry enough about. Until now.

Our country has the worst economy that I've lived through and I think I could say the same for my parents. Unemployment is holding steady at 9.1% and is estimated to be as high as 16% if you include the 99 weekers who no longer have benefits at their disposal. While Occupy Wall Street isn't specifically protesting unemployment, our banking system failures and bad decisions led us straight into this down economy and current unemployment crisis.

As I exit the Bank of America building for my lunch break at my new job, I've seen the protesters marching and camping out at City Hall in downtown LA. I know that they look at me like a financial services douchebag, but my heart belongs with them. Instead of expensed steak dinners and Obama soliciting campaign donations, job creation should be the biggest priority.

I enjoyed my FUNemployment and made the most of the experience. I strongly believe that it was the opportunity that I needed to rediscover my love of writing. I share my tips and tools for how to not only survive but thrive in unemployment. While I plot my writing career whenever I have a free moment between my 6 hours of daily meetings, I know there are lots out there that are dying to get back to work. Their minds are occupied daily with thoughts of that next job. Let's hope they get their chance sooner rather than later.

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