Monday, September 5, 2011

The Last Stand

Today was my last day as a FUNemployee. I start full-time employment tomorrow and I feel tranquil. I don't feel dread or anxiety. I feel ready to get back to work.

In reviewing at my FUNemployment list for any last ditch items to complete this past week, I can't find any that I felt compelled to do. I wanted to go horseback riding, but the universe is blocking it. I've been trying to do this one since February and every time it gets cancelled. I made one last ditch attempt and it failed.

I wanted to ride the ferris wheel at the Santa Monica pier but that doesn't need to happen now. Ideally, I'd do that with a boyfriend. I could do it alone or with a friend but that just doesn't feel right.

I could've tried to take a last minute getaway, but travel requires energy and I was better served in resting and relaxing here. I've done a lot of activities, accomplished writing a book, learning how to write a press release and do publicity, went to the ESPYs, was an eBay seller, landed freelance projects, was an extra in a movie, lost 20 lbs, became a vegan, quit drinking and smoking for good, got my debt under control, went to a movie premiere, reset my priorities, went on some insane dates, learned to surf, visited Santa Barbara, saw some great concerts (some even for free), took up photography and learned to enjoy life again.

There's nothing more to accomplish.

My road to employment has arrived at its destination. I will continue to post about FUNemployment. Less so about my own experiences, but those of others and tips for how to survive that I learned along the way. I will keep all of the lessons that I've learned in my heart and my head as I move into emPLAYment!

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