Monday, September 12, 2011

Evolving Back Into A 9-5 Worker

Like a kindergartner heading off to their first day of school, I was worried about my first day at work. I didn't have the Sunday Night Blues/dread that I used to have before I was laid off. It was more of a worry about adapting to a conventional schedule again. Essentially, I've been my own boss for 2 years. If I wanted to work from 12-10pm with a nap in there, no problems from the boss. If I wanted to mess around all day, no problems from the boss.

My new company is very structured. In the past, I haven't thrived in that kind of place. But I also took on too much work and too much control. I'm not the chief here which could be liberating. It could also be confining. I must remember that I don't want work to be my life anymore. I learned how to appreciate life again. Adapting to my new schedule and work environment will take some time. Especially a 7:30am start time. I will likely be tired for awhile. Having the ability to exercise regularly, eat dinner at a normal hour, meet up with friends and go out on dates will feel a lot more balanced. When I get that first paycheck, I have a strong suspicion it will all fade away!

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