Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free is the best way to be. Or at least discounted.

When you get laid off, you don't get a handbook. You aren't given much instruction at all. You know that you need to file for unemployment. Sign up for COBRA. Then, you're off in the wind.

By reading some of the inserts in my bills (I had time on my hands), I discovered that you can get discounts for your utilities (like phone, gas & electricity). Many states have these funded programs so that you can save 10-20% on your bills. You need to fill out some forms, but hey, you've got the time.

I also worked with my credit card companies to get arrangements set up where I could pay less per month than when I was working. It's all about keeping your nest egg for as long as you can.

These are some of the practical things that I learned (and wrote about in my eBook). But, this is FUNemployment. Now that some of the logistics are in place, let's have some fun.

Twitter is one of the best places to find out about free events in your city or town. It is a great place to post information about free events, especially when they need people to come. That's how I got to go to The ESPY's red carpet. I also got to see "How Do You Know" with Reese Witherspoon at the red carpet premiere. I met Joan Rivers after a taping of E!'s "Fashion Police. Jane Fonda's DVD launch party? Yep, all from Twitter. Follow people who post about events (they're easy to find) and you can get entry to a lot of great events for free or at least discounted.

Fun doesn't have to be expensive. But it's a must have. If you're unemployed, be FUNemployed even if only for an afternoon. It'll be a much needed relief.

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