Thursday, January 28, 2010

Turn that frown upside down

I've met a lot of people who are totally bummed that they got laid off. After the initial sting (and some drinking), I realized that this is an amazing opportunity. How many of us are lucky enough to get paid to do whatever we want all day long? Granted state unemployment won't make you rich, or in some cases even cover your bills, but creative thinking can get you through. Sell stuff on eBay.

I decided that I was going to make the most of this. LA is truly the best city to be funemployed in. While a lot of people slam it, the weather is fanatastic and there are tons of people with non traditional jobs to hang with all day. So, being super goal-oriented, I started by making a list. Not a bucket list or a buried life thing exactly, but my funemployment goals: what are things that I can never do when I'm working? Take a hike midday on a Monday (also known as get my awesome 20's body back which I'm close to achieving....) Go to The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (I snuck that in just under the wire). Learn to meditate. Be an extra in a movie. Take the Jeopardy entry test. Become a serial dater. Audition for a reality show. What would you do?

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