Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Traveling Salesman

I am coming down with a cold and sound like a frog. Therefore, I'm cranky which will pepper this post. You've been warned.

As a list maker, I rarely operate without writing my to dos. Sometimes it's reassuring to see that I have things to do, a purpose you may say. Other times it's overwhelming to just feel like I'm always on the go with no end in sight. Interviews...appointments...library books...Netflix DVDs...social engagements...resume revisions...applying to jobs...book editing...yoga...cooking healthy food...laundry...dates...company research...ebook publishing how-to's...book cover photo shoots...car servicing...ebay sales. I feel like a traveling salesman with a huge territory.

Sales is a hard job and there is often a lot of rejection. Constantly searching for work...love...the next great event...fun experiences all feel like sales calls to me. The latter two have been much more attainable. Easy sales you might say. The big sales (the first two) have been alluding me. Based on what the psychic told me last week, both work and love will come quickly. I hope she's right. I'm tired of going door to door and having it slammed in my face.

Willie Loman was a terrible salesman and Arthur Miller alluded that his lack of success was due to his misperception of himself...in that he was good at what he did and his personal charisma and popularity would lead to his success. I'm hoping that my downfall won't be my optimism and belief that everything will turn out okay. Stupendous even.

Here's to getting off the road.

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