Monday, April 2, 2012

Four Paws For Love

One of the most asked about chapters of my eBook is the dating chapter and if all of those stories actually happened. Yes, they're all true.

After a year of shunning online dating, I got back on the train...and soon realized why I got off. After trading about 3 emails with a man who was very interested, he referenced his partner...and his baby. I double checked his profile and it indicated he was straight. Business partners typically don't adopt babies and "Three Men and a Baby" seems to far fetched for reality. I also didn't think he was a Jason Bateman-Turkey-Baster-Guy-in-an-Aniston flick, but before I let my imagination run too far away from me, I wrote, "So I take it that you're not single if you have a baby with a female partner?"

"Oh no, I challenge the concept of monogamy."

Hmmm, well, I challenge the concept of polygomy. Block!

But fear not. Before I sound like a much too bitter single lady, I have a hot little love. Burning at 100.7 degrees, my 4-pawed, wheaten terrier rescue has made me fall in love with him, more than I ever knew possible. He lets me sing and babble on and loves every second of it. With my heart open, good things are ahead.

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