Monday, February 28, 2011

Street Art Has My Heart

Since watching Exit Through The Giftshop, I've been obsessed with Banksy's cheeky work. When I heard he was tagging Hollywood in a bid to get Oscar votes, I started wondering where he'd strike next. Sadly, many of his recent works have been stolen or defaced. I didn't get to see them in time.

Like an art world terrorist, Banksy strikes and then claims ownership by posting a picture on his Web site. Since there are quite a few copycats (including his prodigy Mr. Brainwash), this has been the main strategy for deciphering the authentic from the faux.

Over the past week, I've developed a radar for street art. I now see it everywhere. If I'm driving and see something of interest, I pull over to take a picture. Unlike museum pieces, any of these works can disappear at any time. Their transient nature has got me hunting and gathering pictures before its too late.

So far, I've gotten a few Mr. Brainwash works. Still on the lookout for an elusive Banksy...

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